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Implementation and Analysis of Various Visual Cryptographic Techniques for Sensitive Data Protection
, Shastri S.B., Baranwal P., , Akash
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 375 - 379
With the advancement of technology, more and more personal data are digitized, leading to increasing vulnerabilities in data. Protection of this data is a paramount importance for today's era. Visual cryptography is the cryptographic technique in which various forms of visual data like pictures, texts, etc. are encrypted such that they cannot be directly read and need to be visually decrypted for use. Sensitive data like defense data involves diverse content types and different formats of data related to criminology, military, aeronautics, communications and space flights. Communicating the crucial data safely is a topic of vital concern for government. This paper intends to analyze the various cryptographic techniques and explore appropriate visual cryptographic solution for securing the sensitive data. © 2020 IEEE.