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Implementation of vedic multiplier in image compression using DCT algorithm
Kerur S.S, Narchi P, , Girish V.A.
Published in IEEE
Digital multipliers are indispensable in the hardware implementation of many important functions such as DCT, IDCT, FFT etc in signal processing. This paper deals with Design and implementation of Vedic Multipler in Image Compression using DCT algorithm. The DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) performs spatial compression of the data while IDCT performs decompression of the data. Here, matrix multiplication is one of the important step in both the transforms. Hence, to perform these computations, we introduce Vedic multiplier which is based on Urdhava Tiryakbhyam(vertical and crosswise) sutra. In this paper, we have designed DCT algorithm using Verilog and code is written in Xilinx I.S.E 7.1i version, synthesized on Xilinx Synthesis Tool (XST). We retrieved Register Transfer Logic (RTL) and the simulation results are observed on Modelsim 6.0 Simulator. These simulation results were compared with matlab simulation results. From the comparison, we see that DCT using Vedic Multiplier is efficiently implemented and the proposed Vedic multiplier significantly improves the computational speed involved in multiplication operations of the image processing. Hence, Vedic multipliers can find immense use in applications of image processing to save time and area. © 2014 IEEE.
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JournalData powered by Typeset2014 2nd International Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems (ICDCS)
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