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Importance and Effectiveness of Training and Development
Ganesh M,
Published in Richtmann Publishing

The paper intends to review the literature on Training & development. It proposes to explore the importance & effectiveness of Training & development at a Private University. The paper proposes an empirical study on importance & effectiveness of Training & development through a survey on Deans/Sec Heads who in turn evaluate the Staffs at work. Training and development plays an important role in the effectiveness of organizations and to make experience people to do work effectively & effectively. It is said that training has implications for productivity, commitment to the work and personal development. All corporate / companies must train people and develop their staff. Most of the organization are aware of this requirement and make invest and do many things for training and development. The training which we give to the staffs may be technical training or soft skills / behavioral training. It is also said making investment in training and development in companies in generally said to be as good management practice and to maintain appropriate expertise in the particular field and in future too. The objective of the research paper is to collect and analyze data regarding the importance and effectiveness of training. The research will enable us to identify the training importance & effectiveness.

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JournalMediterranean Journal of Social Sciences
PublisherRichtmann Publishing
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