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Improving User Participation in Requirement Elicitation and Analysis by Applying Gamification Using Architect’s Use Case Diagram
I krishnamurthi,
Published in Springer International Publishing
Volume: 49
Pages: 471 - 482
Customer involvement and lack of expressive communication mechanism are the major problems in capturing Architecturally Significant Requirements (ASR) in requirement elicitation and analysis stage in the software development. In our earlier work we have introduced Architect Use Case Diagram (AUCD) an enhanced version of use case diagram, which is useful to specify functional and quality attribute requirements in one diagram. Gamification is an emerging technique used in the software industry to improve the user’s commitment, inspiration and performance. In this paper we proposed gamification using AUCD, a new methodology for requirement elicitation and analysis. The combination of gamification and AUCD motivates the users to participate in the requirement elicitation and analysis actively, which helps the analyst to capture more architecturally significant requirements. The proposed gamification using AUCD method is applied in different projects for validating the effectiveness. The research result shows that gaming using AUCD improves user participation in requirement elicitation. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016.