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Influence of news on rational decision making by financial market investors
Gowri B. Shantha,
Published in LLC CPC Business Perspectives
Volume: 16
Issue: 3
Pages: 142 - 156

The impact of news on individual investor decision is explicit as investors need to update, adapt and forecast returns with constraints of time, uncertainty and resources to be successful. The aim is to understand and review the influence of news on individual investor's decision making in stock markets and identify the impact of different type of news on individual investor's decision making in stock markets, assess the behavioral reaction and investment decisions made by investors before and after there is news item, identify the linking effect on behavioral theories and biases, develop a generalized decision making conceptual model to understand the impact of news on investor's reaction, decision and its linkages along with the behavioral bias. Theoretical basis/methodology for processing of news by investors is assumed to be based on Broadbent's filter theory (1958) and due to cognitive informational inefficiency of investors it assesses the attention and the investor's reaction of overreaction and underreaction, which do not comply with efficient market hypothesis theory. The reasons for its noncompliance are found by relating it with behavioral theories. The results explain how investor screens with filters and give attention to news only when it affects their portfolio or investment objective and strategies. It is concluded that investor's decision making depends on degree of information penetration, information content, information influence, specific internal factors and generic external and on investors prevailing at that given circumstances. This gives us the solution to comprehend the investor's reaction, decision and unresolved reversals, short- and long-term overreaction.

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JournalInvestment Management and Financial Innovations
PublisherLLC CPC Business Perspectives
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