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Influence of Soil Nutrition and Rhizobiome Bacteria on the Growth of Calocybe Indica (P&C)

PRIYADHARSHINI BHUPATHI, , Krishnamoorthy Akkana Subbaiah
Published in Association of Cell Biology Romania
Volume: 25
Issue: 6
Pages: 4567 - 4575

In this present investigation, soil nutrient status and the rhizobiome bacterial population of myco-habituated natural soils was analysed. The results were compared with the steamed casing soil used regularly by the growers. The Calocybe indica myco-habituated Cocos nucifera root zone contained slightly higher level of nitrogen (0.41 g. g-1) and potassium (0.51g. 5g-1) as compared to the rhizosphere soil of Delonix regia (0.46 g. 5g-1) and regular casing soil (0.41 g. 5g -1). The amount of phosphorous was slightly higher in D. regia rhizosphere soil sample (0.024g. 2.5 g-1) followed by C. nucifera (0.021g. 2.5 g-1) as compared to the regular casing soil, which contained 0.018 g. 2.5g -1 of soil. In case of bacterial population, ten different bacterial strains have been identified to be present in association with the myco-habitation of C. indica strains. The amplified DNA products of 700-800bp were eluted and sequenced. The sequenced nucleotides were blasted with NCBI database. Bacterial species viz., Bacillus megaterium, Rhizobium pusense, Enterobacter cloacae, Sphingobacterium sp, Serratia marcescens, Pseudomonas hibiscicola, Bacillus aryabhattai, Bacillus sp, Rhizobium sp, and Pseudomonas sp were found to be frequently associated with the mycohabitation of C.indica. The results revealed that, the total bacterial population or specific group of bacteria were always higher in the myco-habituated rhizosphere soils of the host trees as compared to the regularly used steamed casing soil.

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JournalAnnals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology
PublisherAssociation of Cell Biology Romania
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