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Intelligent Counselling Bot Using Ranking Algorithm in AI
, K. Srihari, S. Karthik, C.D. Anisha
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
As the days passing the world keeps moving forward with various technologies which improve the standard of the people. In this modern era, the people have different life style and way of approach to their life. These modern approaches lead them to face various problems in their work place and society. As a result they get stress, tension or frustration which put their day off. So they search a way to get out from their problem. In this paper shows the implementation of counselling chatbot which is built based on Artificial intelligence. It provides counselling to the users to get out of the problems faced by them. The chatbot provide counselling to the user based on their mood. To establish a near - natural conversation with people, chatbots should analyze the input entered by the user and find out their mood and answer for their query. © 2018 IEEE.