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Intelligent transportation system – a critical review
P. Prem Sagar, ,
Published in IAEME Publication
Volume: 9
Issue: 6
Pages: 405 - 411
Technologies are developed to make humans' life easy. Unfortunately it is not so true nowadays. Is is possible to make it true by paying certain amount of attention while we develop and improve technologies. Let's consider Vehicular Technology (VT). We are exponentially improving the VT, unfortunately we are not focusing on improving infrastructure to make the efficient usage of the VT (especially in India and some other countries). It clearly says that we are wasting time and resources by not considering the dependencies required for efficient usage of a technology. Here dependencies include roads, traffic lights and so on, which must be taken care. Avoiding congestion allow us to maintain average speed of vehicles which allows the efficient usage of VT. It can be achieved by controlling traffic light intelligently and/or by routing the vehicles based on the traffic densities on the roads. Both can be achieved in many ways. Congestion will in turn create other problems, among which delay in travel time of emergency vehicles (EV) like ambulance, police vehicles and so on is the major issue as its effects will be disastrous. It can be solved by developing a communication between the EV and traffic light, which can be achieved in many ways. This can be extended to detect stolen vehicles. It must be noted that this solution is a better alternative to expansion of roads which is hardly possible in all cases. This will not only enable us to make efficient usage of a technology but also to take advantages of it in many other terms. © IAEME Publication.
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