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Interleaved high gain DC-DC converter for integrating solar PV source to DC bus
, , Gonzalez-Longatt F.
Published in Elsevier BV
Volume: 188
Pages: 924 - 934
In this paper, a novel non-isolated DC-DC converter topology is proposed for solar photovoltaic (PV) application. The proposed converter is constructed from an interleaved boost converter (IBC) to reduce the input current ripple. Voltage gain is extended by (i) using voltage lift technique, (ii) replacing the conventional inductors of the IBC by coupled inductors (CIs) with appropriate turns ratio and (iii) connecting a voltage multiplier cell (VMC) across the secondary windings of the CIs. As the voltage gain is extended mainly at the secondary side of the CIs, the switches are subjected to low voltage stress which is only 12.63% of the output voltage. The converter yields a high voltage conversion ratio of 15.83. Experimental results obtained from a 24 V/380 V, 225 W prototype converter operating at 91.6% efficiency serves as a proof of the presented concept which has been employed to achieve high voltage conversion ratio (15.83) with low input current ripple (20%). © 2019 International Solar Energy Society
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