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Investigation of chaos and its control in a Duffing-type nano beam model
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Volume: 1943
The prediction of chaos of a nano beam with harmonic excitation is investigated. Using the Galerkin method the nonlinear lumped model of a clamped-clamped nano beam with nonlinear cubic stiffness is obtained. This is a Duffing system with hardening type of nonlinearity. Based on the energy function and the phase portrait of the system, the resonator dynamics is categorized into four situations in which Using Malnikov function, an analytical criterion for homoclinic intersection in the form of inequality is written in terms of the system parameters. A numerical study including largest lyapunov exponent, Poincare diagram and phase portrait confirm the analytical prediction of chaos and effect of forcing amplitude. Subsequently, a linear velocity feedback controller is introduced into the system to successfully control the chaotic motion of the system at a faster rate at larger value of gain parameter. © 2018 Author(s).
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