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Investigation of DC characteristic on DG-Tunnel FET with high-K dielectric using distinct device parameter
S. Thakre, A. Beohar, , N. Yadav, S.K. Vishvakarma
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 124 - 128
In this work, systematic investigation of DGTFET have been made by varying different device parameter such as dielectric constant, doping concentration, work function, temperature, and channel length with their variation impact on threshold voltage (Vth). It is also analyzed that while decreasing the value of work function, energy band overlap increases, whichcauses decrease in tunneling width. Hence leads to highsource channel tunneling. DC characteristics of theproposed device like ON current, OFF current and Vth arealso examined with different device parameter engineering. TCAD device simulator was used as a 2D simulator for the optimization result of DG-TFET. © 2016 IEEE.