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Investigations of Doping of Sn with Ag 2 O as a Thin Film on Glass Plate for Morphological Studies
S. Nivetha, A. Ayeshamariam, , , R. Perumalsamy, M. Jayachandran
Published in Springer International Publishing
Volume: 43
Issue: 2
Pages: 627 - 638
The Sn-doped silver oxide (Ag 2 O) thin film deposited on well-cleaned microscopic glass plates by Jet Nebulizer Technique was reported in this work. The coated thin film was annealed at 200 and 400 °C temperatures, respectively. The XRD investigation on the thin film at three different temperatures have been carried out and their results showed that, the maximum peak intensity of (200) plane was observed at 400 °C than rest of the two samples. In addition to that, it was also found that, the annealing process has certainly improved the crystallization of the film particularly at 400 °C. The SEM and TEM results confirmed that the particle size in the range of 30–50 nm. The peaks corresponding to the Ag and O in EDAX spectrum ensure the film is purely made up of nano-Ag 2 O and the presence of Sn was also confirmed by its respective peak. Additionally, vibrational analysis and Raman spectroscopy was carried out in this work to confirm the modes of vibration of the NPs. Sensitivity analyses was carried out to test the sensing capacity of the powder. © 2017, Shiraz University.
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