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Investigations on synthesis, thermolysis, and coordination chemistry of aminophosphine oxides
Veerashekhar Goud E, Pavan Kumar B.B, Shruthi Y, Paul A, , Vijayakrishna K, Brahmananda Rao C.V.S, Sabharwal K.N, Clayton H.S.
Published in Informa UK Limited
Volume: 66
Issue: 15
Pages: 2647 - 2658
Some aminophosphine oxides (AmPOs), (R1)(R2)(R 3)P=O [R1=R2=R3= HNCH 2CH=CH2; R1= R2=Ph, R 3=HNCH2CH=CH2; R1=R 2=R3=HNNMe2; R1=R2=Ph, R3=HNNMe2; R1=R2=R3= NC4H8O; R1= R2=Ph, R3= NC4H8O], have been synthesized. The coordination chemistry of these AmPOs is studied with La(III), Th(IV), and U(VI) salts. The products are characterized by various analytical and spectroscopic techniques, and the thermal properties of the ligands and their complexes examined. The TGA data for these compounds show different decomposition temperatures, as well as thermal stability of the metal complexes. Comparisons are made among different ligands on their selective complexing ability towards some chosen metal salts. Mulliken population analysis shows that the basicity of P=O of ligand increases with an increase in the number of P-bonded amino groups. © 2013 Taylor & Francis.
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JournalJournal of Coordination Chemistry
PublisherInforma UK Limited
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