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Issues in On-Demand Cloud-Based Gaming Storage
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 115 - 138
Cloud computing is the most utilized and evolving technology in the past few years and has taken computing to a whole new level such that even common man is receiving the benefits. The end user in cloud computing always prefers a cloud service provider which is efficient, reliable and best quality of service at the lowest possible price. A cloud based gaming system relieves the player from the burden of possessing high end processing and graphic units. The storage of games hosted in clouds using the latest technologies in cloud has been discussed in detail. The Quality of service of games hosted in cloud is the main focus of this chapter and we have proposed a mathematical model for the same. The various factors in dealing with the quality of service on cloud based games have been analyzed in detail. The quality of experience of cloud based games and its relation with quality of service has been derived. This chapter focuses on the various storage techniques, quality of experience factors and correlates the same with QoS in cloud based games.
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JournalEmerging Technologies and Applications for Cloud-Based Gaming Advances in Multimedia and Interactive Technologies
PublisherIGI Global
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