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Job satisfaction of engineering faculty members in a private university, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
, , V. Kandaswamy Sharma, B. Suresh
Published in IAEME Publication
Volume: 9
Issue: 5
Pages: 454 - 465
Purpose: To identify the influential factors and areas of improvement with regard to job satisfaction of engineering faculty members in a private University. Methodology: This research article moves towards an understanding of the overall factors influencing job satisfaction and the effect of demographic factors affecting job satisfaction. The researchers begin with the job satisfaction literature and then have explored the influential factors of job satisfaction. Hence, a study was done to explore the level of job satisfaction among teaching members in engineering domain working in a private university. The study was conducted in a private university at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The respondents were selected on the basis of convenience sampling technique. Latest SPSS version software was used for the study and statistical tools like frequency distribution, chi-square, One-way ANOVA and regression analysis are used to interpret the data. Theoretical contributions: The world destiny is determined only in the class rooms and thereby teaching profession has a great impact on the growth, development and well -being of the students, society, environment and nation. If the engineering teaching fraternities are not contented with the culture, relationship, nature of job and compensation then it will affect the technical teaching-learning process. New results/Implications: Faculty members should be consulted before implementing any change in the academic activities. The promotion norms should be transparent if not; it may also lead to dissatisfaction towards the job. Management should constitute a committee to redress the grievances of their employees as soon as possible. Job security should be assured in the private university. Hence, this paper addresses the influential factors of job satisfaction for faculty members, say culture, relationship, nature of the job, pay and perquisites. © IAEME Publication.
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