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Kiran Desai's inheritance of loss: An ecocritical outlook
Sandhya G.,
Published in Serials Publications
Volume: 94
Issue: 4
Pages: 1091 - 1103
The global environment crisis has led various people from various regions to voice their concerns towards environment. Ecocriticism as a literary genre started gaining its significance first in the US and in the UK as more literary scholars came up with the questions concerning what their field has contributed towards the environmental crisis. Ecocriticism is the discipline which shows interconnection between nature and culture. "Eco" in short means ecology which refers to the relationship between organism and natural environment and logically eco-criticism is concerned with relationship between literature and environment. Ecocriticism is a literary theory of recent origin, which takes an earth centered approach to literary studies. Eco-critics believe that the human culture and the physical world are interlinked. On par with the bygone critics the literary critics of the recent era also try to bring out the relationship between nature and society through their writings. This paper attempts to analyse on Kiran Desai's "Inheritance of Loss" from crosscultural eco-critical perspective. Through this novel Kiran Desai poignantly delineates culture as one of the causes leading to the destruction of the nature and also picturizes people who are in search of their identity in their own land and how they get entrapped in the Indian class system and also under disturbing environment.
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