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La Malinche: a Symbol of Identity (Re) Construction of Third World Coloured/ Black Lesbians
Shilpi Gupta,
Published in
Volume: 3
Issue: 1
Pages: 490 - 496
Identity of " women of color " " Black women " was constructed, categorized and then marginalized; their body was objectified as a means of scientific and anthropological knowledge and a site of exploitation and domination. Feminism failed to include colored/black women's views and notions in their own agenda and further anti-racist group was limited to black men. Hence women of color have been thrown out mainstream narratives and repeatedly violated by misogynistic practices. Taking this into account this paper has focused on the Mexican myth of La Malinche whose colored indigenous body was an object of exploitation and a site of resistance and self-identification and pride within the paradigms of coloniality. It also explored how contemporary Mexican-American lesbians deploy this very myth to articulate their liminal sexuality and their hybrid and bordered identities. They flaunt the very points of contention of the Malinche's ill fame, like her double speak, her unfaithfulness and her manipulative skills to reclaim their own identities around her. The paper highlights the intersectionality of third world lesbian activists and recognition of their double marginality and oppression. Furthermore, their fight against racism, normalized heterosexuality and class oppression where Malinche becomes symbolic in their narratives of such intersectionality.
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