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Laser-assisted biomineralization on human dentin for tooth surface functionalization
Oyane A., Saito N., Sakamaki I., Koga K., Nakamura M., , Yoshizawa N., Shitomi K., Mayumi K., Miyaji H.
Published in Elsevier Ltd
PMID: 31546361
Volume: 105
A technique for tooth surface modification with biocompatible calcium phosphate (CaP) has huge potential in dental applications. Recently, we achieved a facile and area-specific CaP coating on artificial materials by a laser-assisted biomimetic process (LAB process), which consists of pulsed laser irradiation in a supersaturated CaP solution. In this study, we induced the rapid biomineralization on the surface of human dentin by using the LAB process. A human dentin substrate was immersed in a supersaturated CaP solution, then its surface was irradiated with weak pulsed laser light for 30 min (LAB process). Ultrastructural analyses revealed that the pristine substrate had a demineralized collagenous layer on its surface due to the previous EDTA surface cleaning. After the LAB process, this collagenous layer disappeared and was replaced with a submicron-thick hydroxyapatite layer. We believe that the laser irradiation induced pseudo-biomineralization through the laser ablation of the collagenous layer, followed by CaP nucleation and growth at the dentin–liquid interface. The mineralized layer on the dentin substrate consisted of needle-like hydroxyapatite nanocrystals, whose c-axes were weakly oriented along the direction perpendicular to the substrate surface. This LAB process would offer a new tool enabling tooth surface modification and functionalization through the in situ pseudo-biomineralization. © 2019 Elsevier B.V.
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