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Legal and safety issues of genetically modified plants: Environmental concern
Published in World Research Association
Volume: 22
Issue: 10
Pages: 84 - 87
The agricultural production in India or any part of the world is depending on various factors like availability of arable land, water resources, climatic and diseasefree conditions etc. To overcome all these issues, plant genetic engineering is playing a vital role and it is considered as second green revolution and wide range of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and genetically modified products (GM products) are available today. Those kinds of modified products are made by the introduction of desired foreign genes to plants resulting in solving problems that could not be solved through classical methods. However, the licit behind the growth of biotechnology in terms of genetically modified crops needs to be addressed, to the world of critics, in perceiving the enduring deliberation on GM crops. The major stigma associated with genetically modified products is that it poses a great danger to the society in a number of ways. The social media created new horizon of people's fantasy and they could be triggered for anything. This study deals with the safety issues and legal aspects of genetically modified organisms and their products. © 2018 World Research Association. All rights reserved.
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JournalResearch Journal of Chemistry and Environment
PublisherWorld Research Association