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License plate recognition system
Aman raj, Shivang singh pundhir, Jasmine pemeena priyadarisini m, Murugesan k, Srinivasarao inbathini, Sardar basha
Published in IEEE
In recent years, there has been expanding development in the vehicular part and the number of vehicles moving on the roads in all the sections of the country. Arabic vehicle number plate identification based on image processing is a dynamic area of this work; this technique is used for security purposes such as tracking of stolen cars and access control to restricted areas. The License Plate Recognition System (LPRS) exploits a digital camera to capture vehicle plate numbers is used as input to the proposed recognition system. Basically, the proposed system consists of three phases, vehicle license plate localization, character segmentation, and character recognition, the License Plate (LP) detection is presented using canny edge detection algorithm, Connect Component Analysis (CCA) have been exploited for segmenting characters. Finally, a Multi-Layer Perceptron Artificial Neural Network (MLPANN) model is utilized to identify and detect the vehicle license plate characters, and hence the results are displayed as a text on GUI. The proposed system successfully detects LP and recognizes multi-style Arabic characters with rates of 96% and 97.872% respectively under different conditions.
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JournalData powered by Typeset2015 12th International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD)
PublisherData powered by TypesetIEEE
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