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Load Balancing in Cloud Environment using Self-Governing Agent
J. Mercy Faustina, B. Pavithra, S. Suchitra,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 480 - 483
Cloud computing is the revolutionizing technology that initiates a new paradigm shift towards an enabling technology for providing ubiquitous and on-demand access with rapid resource provisioning feature. In the present scenarios, the cloud environment is overloaded with increasing tenant requests. The large data centers of the cloud environment are emerging as the highly responsible complex structures for satisfying multiple tenant requirements and assigning job requests to appropriate servers and thereby uncompromising client resource demands without overloading the server. This constraint is overcome by the tremendous need for an autonomous load balancing algorithm in the cloud environment. The prime objective of load balancing is to reassign the total load of the overall system to individual nodes or sub-nodes to achieve effective resource utilization and thereby improve the overall response time of the job, amidst balancing overloaded nodes. The crux of this work makes use of a Self-Governing Agent Based Load Balancing Algorithm (SGA-LB), where an autonomous migration agent provides dynamic load balancing by efficiently balancing the workload. Highly dynamic and robust load balancing considers the present behavior of the system to balance the load among the nodes. The load characteristics of the nodes is considered based on the CPU load, memory used and network load. The overall performance of the proposed load balancing algorithm is measured considering some factors like reliability, throughput and fault tolerance, which thereby efficiently balances the overall load. © 2019 IEEE.