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Low cost automatic irrigation system with intelligent performance tracking
R. Gayathri, A. Magesh, A. Karmel, ,
Published in Alpha Publishers
Volume: 10
Issue: 12
Pages: 13224 - 13233
Water is the elixir for agricultural process as the entire procedure relies merely on that. Optimization and effective usage of water in agriculture is an essential phenomenon. Wide varieties of automatic irrigation systems exists in practice but none of them proved to be efficient in terms of cost, technology adopted and fixing the loopholes which is evident from the current literature. Efficiency should be achieved in all the aforementioned levels for enhancing the agricultural productivity. Drip emitters with sensors helps in proper water distribution of agricultural crops which in turn prevents the water wastage and soil degradation. It joins hand with the emerging technology Internet of Things to enable smart tracking and solving the irrigation related issues. Hence the major focus is to assist the farmers for irrigation by applying organized procedures for getting the details regarding amount of water to be dispersed, issues in the water dispersion and water inlet flows. Effective automatic irrigation is the needy solution in today’s scenario as agriculture is the backbone in spite of the growth and advancement of any other processes. Our system attempts to fix the loopholes in the existing ones by tracking the water pressure in the dispersion pumps and checking the inlet, outlet flows. It eradicates the agricultural overhead with a complete user friendly interface. The interrelated computing devices manage the ability of data transfer over a network with minimized human intervention. Low cost is achieved in the irrigation process with the help of drip emitter connected to the semi-submersible water pump. Experimental test bed is done with the water pumps and sensors for validating its accuracy and effectiveness. © 2020 Alpha Publishers. All rights reserved.
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