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MATLAB/Simulink Model for Optimization of Tilt Angle of Solar Panels Using Weighted Average Method, VIT University
Shaurabh k singh, Utsav a jain,
Published in IOSR Journals
Volume: 11
Issue: 5
Pages: 27 - 32
The output of a solar panel depends on various factors and one of them is the tilt angle of the panel. Though small changes in the tilt angle might not cause great difference in the output of a panel but when we talk about huge solar photovoltaic plants, even a small difference in solar tilt may result in loss of hundreds of kilowatt. This paper focuses on optimizing the tilt angle for fixed support panels at VIT University (Vellore, India). The paper lays more focus on weighted average calculation of tilt angle rather than calculation of simple average. The graphical and analytical calculations as well as Simulink analysis gives an accurate tilt angle of 19.5640o instead of 17.7093o which is found by simple averaging method in MATLAB. Though this 2 degrees difference would not matter for small plants but for plants with more than 5 MW capacity, this optimization of 2 degrees can help save a lot of energy.
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JournalIOSR Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering
PublisherIOSR Journals
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