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Mediation and moderation model on whole child education
Published in IAEME Publication
Volume: 11
Issue: 2
Pages: 83 - 93
Statistical mediation and moderation analysis are well-known throughout the behavioral studies. Gradually, these techniques are being incorporated in the contour of the study of mediated moderation or moderated mediation. An entire child approach towards education focuses awareness on the community, emotional, psychological, corporal as well as cognitive progress of students. At its central part such a arrival to observe the principle of schooling as developing future citizens and providing the foundation for every child to carry out their future. It has five creed based upon child growth, which emphasizes the approach and affirms that all child in both school and in society earns to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged. This structure has been worn as the gallows in the expansion of a choice of school upgrading processes that make certain that the approach is incorporated and classified into the progression and strategy of the school, locality, and society. The outline does not seek out to dissociate itself from intellectual increase but it does seek out to enlarge what comprise academic advance in the 21st century and intends to relocate concentration on all traits essential for enlightening and communal accomplishment. Parallel mediation and moderation model is applied for the study. © IAEME Publication
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JournalInternational Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering and Technology
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