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Memetic Algorithms and Their Applications in Computer Science
, Tripathy B.K, Sooraj tr, Sooraj T.R, Rk mohanty, Mohanty T.K.
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 1461 - 1482
The term “memetic algorithm” was introduced by Moscato is an extension of the traditional genetic algorithm. It uses a local search technique to reduce the likelihood of the premature convergence. Memetic algorithms are intrinsically concerned with exploiting all available knowledge about the problem under study. MAs are population-based metaheuristics. In this chapter we explore the applications of memetic algorithms to problems within the domains of image processing, data clustering and Graph coloring, i.e., how we can use the memetic algorithms in graph coloring problems, how it can be used in clustering based problems and how it is useful in image processing. Here, we discuss how these algorithms can be used for optimization problems. We conclude by reinforcing the importance of research on the areas of metaheuristics for optimization.
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JournalComputer Vision
PublisherIGI Global
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