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Methanol Economy Versus Hydrogen Economy
Published in Elsevier
Pages: 661 - 674
Envisioning the role of an alternative to oil and gas is an important and critical issue, bearing in mind the possibility that the current oil and gas reserves may not last much past the 21st century. There is growing concern about environmental issues like global warming and the quest for alternate fuels is complicated because a minimal investment should be made in the infrastructure for dispensing the fuel. Hydrogen has been regarded as a clean fuel due to its zero nontoxic emissions but there are serious issues related to its production, storage, and safety. On the other hand, methanol happens to be a safe carrier-fuel for hydrogen as a liter of liquid methanol has more hydrogen as compared to a liter of pure cryogenically stored hydrogen. Ample feedstock of natural gas and coal is available to empower the "Methanol Economy" unlike biomass which can attract a fuel-food crisis. Methanol's higher flame speed, competitive prices to oil, cleaner emissions, and ability to utilize the released CO2 as a raw material for its production makes it a holistic, and a potential alternative to fossil fuels. This chapter discusses the potential of methanol as a future fuel. © 2018 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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