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Microbial Exploitation of Biofertilizer, Pullulan and Biochar from Floral Waste

, swati punetha
Published in Austin Publishing Group 6565 N MacArthur Blvd Ste 225, Irving Tx 75039, USA Tel: +1-201-655-7075
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Pages: 1 - 3

Abstract In diversified India, there are different traditions and cultures and their spirituality to believe in God is unconditional. People used to go temple and offer several things to God, and mainly the item they offer is the flower. Heaps of flowers flooded in temples are served as waste in nearby areas, or they dumped it into water. Flower waste has abundant properties with several nutrients (macro as well as micro) in them. In this article, we have emphasized the production and application of fertilizer, Pullulan and Biochar with the help of microbes present on floral waste enriched samples. Test samples were collected in the nearby areas of the temple, and after collection, serial dilution of the enriched sample was prepared. 1mL of each serial dilution were outspread on sterile nutrient agar plates, and bacterial isolation was done. Properties of degradation of soil isolates were evaluated. Flowers collected were then dried, and 1% was then transferred in minimal medium (without C source). Streaking was carried out, and isolated possessing tremendous growth was choosen for the development of the consortium. Different combinations of soil isolates were used. Five per cent inoculum of various consortia was spread on flower waste chambers. It was incubated aerobically. Degradation was analyzed after a specific time interval. The microbial consortium supports minimizing the time required for degrading an enormous amount of flower waste. With this perspective, we can prepare good quality Biopolymer Pullulan and Biochar without causing any harm to the environment. Keywords: Flower waste; Isolation; Degradation; Pullulan; Biochar; Applications

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PublisherAustin Publishing Group 6565 N MacArthur Blvd Ste 225, Irving Tx 75039, USA Tel: +1-201-655-7075
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