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Microbial Recycling of Feather Waste into Value-added Products

BySuneetha Vuppu

Published in CRC Press Taylor and Francis
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Pages: 1 - 17


Keratinases from feather waste source are biocatalysts that possess extraordinary specificity, remarkable catalysis power, and having enormous pharmacological benefits. Microbial metabolic processes generally yield products and reduce the use of polluting chemicals by their exploitation in industry with the advancement of scientific and industrial developments. Keratinase producing bacteria were isolated from poultry waste soil and feathers. The isolates that were obtained from the various feather and soil samples used in our study were measured in units by keratinolytic activity. The conditions for measuring keratinolytic activity was kept constant (i.e., 50°C and pH 8) for all the samples of poultry waste and feather. The aim of this study is to highlight the potential feather degrading bacteria and its optimum parameters for recycling and bioremediation of feathers at pH 8 and 50°C, with potential application in biotechnological processes, and to confirm the microbial recycling of feather waste for value-added products.

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JournalMicrobial Bioprocessing of Agri-food Wastes
PublisherCRC Press Taylor and Francis
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