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Microstructure and mechanical properties of friction-stir welded interstitial-free steel using WC tool 

Published in IOP Publishing
Volume: 1136
Pages: 012068 - 012068

In the present work, interstitial-free steel plates were joined using friction-stir welding. The weld integrity was found to be in excellent condition. This work emphasises the evolution of microstructure and the enhancement of mechanical properties by friction-stir welding. The microstructural characterisation using optical image microscopy revealed the refinement of grains in the nugget zone. Vicker's hardness test stopped to a maximum of ~91 VHN in the nugget zone compared to ~40 VHN in the base material. The tensile test of the welded sample concluded that the samples fractured in the region away from the nugget zone and towards the base material. The results are conclusive that friction-stir welding is an excellent approach for joining interstitial-free steel components for automotive applications.

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JournalIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
PublisherIOP Publishing
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