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Middleware for Preserving Privacy in Big Data
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 419 - 443
With increased usage of IT solutions, a huge volume of data is generated from different sources like social networks, CRM, and healthcare applications, to name a few. The size of the data that is generated grows exponentially. As cloud computing provides an optimized, shared, and virtualized IT infrastructure, it is better to leverage the cloud services for storing and processing such Big Data. Securing the data is one of the major challenges in all the domains. Though security and privacy have been talked about for decades, there is still a growing need for high end methods for securing the rampant growth of data. The privacy of personal data, and to be more specific the health data, continues to be an important issue worldwide. Most of the health data in today’s IT world is being computerized. A patient’s health data may portray the different attributes such as his physical and mental health, its severity, financial status, and much more. Moreover, the medical data that are collected from the patients are being shared with other stakeholders of interest like doctors, insurance companies, pharmacies, researchers, and other health care providers. Individuals raise concern about the privacy of their health data in such a shared environment.
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JournalAdvances in Data Mining and Database Management Handbook of Research on Cloud Infrastructures for Big Data Analytics
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