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Millennial's approach towards brand equity using mobile phones and role of Facebook in Building it
Navaneethakrishnan K., ,
Published in Serials Publications
Volume: 97
Issue: 4
Pages: 207 - 218
Branding, a marketing concept which has been around since 2700Bc, gaining prominence in 1960s became a hallmark for successful product. It is a game of 'perform or perish' in the market where branding is the key to be above the fray. Building brand equity is the most important part of branding. Brand equity is consumers' trust in the brand which will lead to loyalty among them. Strong brand equity will give companies elbow room to experiment with new products and product categories. The model proposed in this paper measures brand equity, brand association, brand loyalty, brand awareness and brand image. In this paper brand equity is measured through Facebook activities and consumers engaging with the brand in Facebook. Brand loyalty will lead to repeat purchase. Brand image which reflects the view of customers about the brand will lead to self expression. Mobile phones are expressive products used to project self image in the social circle. The engagement with mobile brands and association of it in social media has become a common phenomenon. This study aims to measure brand equity for mobile phones and how they are influenced by social media. © Serials Publications.
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