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Modeling of blood vessel for diabetic disorder and its cogent analysis
, Chandra T, Mehta R, Ganesh R.
Published in IEEE
Diabetes is a pandemic and a matter of global concern, which requires immediate attention and therefore this paper comprises three parts, which address the disorder namely mathematical modeling in MATLAB to detect diabetes qualitatively. Cogent analysis, a confluence of theoretical knowledge of diabetes and real life survey of diabetic patients is used to determine its influential factors. Structural model of blood vessel in COMSOL MULTPHYSICS 4.2a is created to demonstrate the deposition of glucose on the walls of the blood vessel, which in turn hinders the blood flow. MATLAB is used to vary the concentration of glucose in the blood and a velocity profile of the model created in COMSOL is obtained on MATLAB indicating an inverse relation between glucose concentration and velocity of blood. This reduced blood flow to the nerves impairs their functioning, thereby causing diabetic neuropathy. This paper is first of its kind as it deals with various aspects of diabetic disorder, its serious consequences and presents a comprehensive idea about diabetes, which combines cogent analysis with mathematical and structural modeling. © 2014 IEEE.
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