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Modeling of Polypropylene Modified Bitumen Mix Design Results Using Regression Analysis
Chhabra K, Agrawal D, Subbarao S.S.V.
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 256 - 275
This study investigates the effects of mixing Polypropylene waste plastics in the bituminous mix for the design of Flexible Pavement. Since, obtaining Marshall Test results from the bituminous mix is time-consuming, so if the practitioners measure the values of stability and flow by mechanical testing, other computations can be done by applying simple mathematical calculations. So, this study carried out stability and flow tests on different specimens made with varying bitumen and polypropylene plastic content. From the initial test results, the optimum bitumen and plastic contents are found. Further, the test results obtained from Marshall Test are modelled by identifying various input variables, which are various physical properties of the mix such as plastic content, bitumen content, air voids and unit weight. The regression modeling framework is adopted in this study to predict the Marshall stability and flow value. Since the developed models have yielded good results, these can be effectively used in parameter estimation, and thus aids the future researchers.
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JournalHandbook of Research on Manufacturing Process Modeling and Optimization Strategies Advances in Logistics, Operations, and Management Science
PublisherIGI Global
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