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Modeling of Radiation Source Using an Equivalent Dipole Moment Model
R. Ramesan,
Published in Electromagnetics Academy
Volume: 89
Pages: 157 - 175
To ensure better performance of modern electronic systems with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliances, the reduction of electromagnetic interference (EMI) between modules or components of an integrated circuit (IC) is necessary. This can be achieved by developing a near field (NF) coupling model of radiating source and victim using analytical, experimental, or numerical simulation techniques. The accurate modeling of a radiation source can be performed using an array of elementary dipole moments obtained using near-field scanning measurement. This paper discusses the various techniques used in the equivalent dipole moment model to reduce the complexity and simulation time and at the same time increase the accuracy and reliability. © 2020. All Rights Reserved.
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JournalProgress In Electromagnetics Research B
PublisherElectromagnetics Academy