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Modeling treatment of cancer using oncolytic virotherapy with saturated incidence
Rajalakshmi M,
Published in Informa UK Limited
Volume: 38
Issue: 3
Pages: 565 - 579

Oncolytic virotherapy is emerging as a promising new method for cancer treatment. In the present study, we propose and analyze a mathematical model for treatment of cancer by using oncolytic virotherapy. Here, it is assumed that the growth of tumor cells follows logistic growth and the interaction between tumor cells and viruses is of saturation type. Additionally, the removal rates of uninfected and virus-infected tumor cells due to CTL’s are also of saturation type. The basic reproduction numbers and different equilibria of the model are computed. The local stability of the equilibria is also discussed. Numerical simulation is also performed and it is found that for some set of parameters model system exhibits periodic oscillations. In this case it is not easy to predict the success of virotherapy. Finally, the model is extended to stochastic model and numerical simulation is performed to compare the results of deterministic and stochastic model. © 2019, © 2019 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

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JournalStochastic Analysis and Applications
PublisherInforma UK Limited
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