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Modelling and 3D printing of Packaging for Water Quality Sensor

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Volume: 1

Nanoporous gold film can detect the presence of heavy metal ions in water. Nanoporous gold film based micro sensor is fabricated by layering copper on silicon substrate with an intermediate titanium layer acting as an adhesive. This film is formed through electroless plating by spraying potassium gold cyanide on the copper. It is proposed to fabricate this sensor using 3D printing, with nano resolution thickness of layering structure. 3D printing can address fabrication and packaging challenges. A variety of packaging materials and techniques are available. Ceramic packaging, plastic packaging and metal packaging techniques are prominent. 3D printed ceramic packaging with hermetic sealing is proposed for water quality sensors. A design of packaging prototype is presented and discussed. Micro-stereolithography, digital light processing techniques are suitable processes to prototype sensor contents and packaging model, which is 3D printing of the resin based cavity model. 3D Modeling of the sensor contents, packaging structures are modelled using Autodesk Maya3D2014, COMSOL software designs. The total electric energy through 3D modelling in COMSOL Multiphysics software is 25 joules. Electric potential (V) is estimated to be 2.0x10-18 volts. Digital light processing technique is proposed for this 3D printing of the resin based cavity model, FDM process for 3D printing working electrode and optomec lens process for the other electrodes involving metal 3D printing.


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JournalInternational Journal of Circuits and Electronics
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