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Molecular Mechanics Approach of Leukodystrophy Causing E285A Mutation in Aspartoacylase Directs the Future Implementation of Nanomechanics
Sreevishnupriya K,
Published in American Scientific Publishers
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
Pages: 110 - 117
Canavan's Disease is a leukodystrophy caused due to deficiency of aspartoacylase and accumulation of N-acetylaspartic acid in the brain. This disease has various missense mutations affecting its coding gene, ASPA. In this study, we analyzed the mutation E285A which has a significant importance for causing the disease. Conformational sampling which is an alternate to classical molecular dynamics was used in this study. It was performed for both native and mutant structures to find out the deviation of geometrical observables which includes radius of gyration, root mean square deviation, solvent accessible surface area, ramachandran plot analysis, hydrogen bond analysis and distance calculation. Further, global minimized structures of native and mutants were subjected to docking studies. Geometric observables for both the docked structures of native and mutant E285A were calculated. By this analysis, we found that mutant E285A was found to have significant variations with p-values of 0.0001 in all the parameters, thereby contributing to the cause of disease due to misfolding. In future, the implementation of nanomechanical studies could aid to understand the misfolding mechanism of the mutant E285A in depth and also facilitate to claim it as a marker for prenatal diagnosis. Copyright © 2016 American Scientific Publishers.
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