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Multi-Objective Golden Flower Optimization Algorithm for Sustainable Reconfiguration of Power Distribution Network with Decentralized Generation

, Dhivya Swaminathan
Published in MDPI
Volume: 12
Issue: 70
Pages: 1 - 26

This paper provides a meta-heuristic hybridized version called multi-objective golden flower pollination algorithm (MOGFPA) as the best method for choosing the optimal reconfiguration for distribution networks (DNs) in order to reduce power losses (PLs). Aside from PLs, another parameter is considered: the load balance index (LBI). The expression for the LBI is stated using real and reactive indices. It makes the optimal distributed generation (DG) placement and DN routing of the multi-objective (MO) problem have PLs and the LBI as the main parameters that need to be optimized. For that purpose, the MOGFPA is proposed in this paper. The MOGFPA consists of a golden search (GS) and tangent flight with Pareto distribution that only needs a few tuning parameters. Therefore, it is simple to alter these parameters to reach the best values compared to other existing methodologies. Its performance is predicted using different case studies on multiple test bus systems, namely the IEEE systems such as 33, 69, 119, and Indian 52 bus. Through simulation outcomes, the MOGFPA computes the optimum distribution of DG units and reconfigures the DNs with the aim of minimal PLs and LBI. Furthermore, another state-of-the-art technology and comparing convergence charts provide optimal outputs in less time, with minimum iterations.

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