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Nanocarrier Vaccines: Biopharmaceutics-Based Fast Track Development

Viral Vector–Based Nanoparticles 

Suneetha Vuppu


Published in Wiley
Volume: 1
Pages: 195 - 234

Viral Vector–Based Nanoparticles 195
Suneetha Vuppu, Vivek P. Chavda, Toshika Mishra, Oishani Sengupta, Anand Sairam, Paridhi Soni, Mohit Joshi, Bhumi Bhalodiya and Raj V.

6.1 Introduction 196

6.2 Characteristics of Viral Vector–Based Nanoparticles 197

6.3 Applications 199

6.4 Novel Advancements in Applications of Viral Nanoparticles 225

6.5 Limitations and Prospects of Viral Vector–Based Nanoparticle Approach 233

6.6 Conclusion 234 nanomedicine and nano-delivery systems, materials in the nanoscale range are used as diagnostic instruments or to administer therapeutic compounds to particular targeted regions in a controlled manner. By delivering precise medications to specified locations and targets, nanotechnology provides several advantages in treating chronic human illnesses. The use of nanomedicine (including chemotherapeutic medicines, biological agents, immunotherapeutic agents, etc.) in the treatment of various diseases has recently seen many notable applications. This book aims to be a single source material for understanding all the current and novel advancements in the field of nanotechnology

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