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Negotiating aspects of culture, communication and identity in indian literary texts: An analytical study
Published in Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication
Volume: 8
Issue: 7C2
Pages: 217 - 219

Every language functions as a replica of its culture and value system. As far as Indians are concerned, English is a foreign language. Expression of emotions in an acquired language, for an Indian writer, seems to be a difficult task. Since every language is rooted in its native culture, Indian writers writing in English face the challenges of conquering a foreign language in order to excel in their field. During the process, they succeed in imitating the English only in grammar, structure and style but fail to transmit the real spirit and soul in the foreign language. Therefore an attempt is made in this paper to analyse the negotiating elements identified in some of the Indian literary texts. © Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication.

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JournalInternational Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering
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