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Neighbourhood degree-based topological indices of graphene structure
Published in AMG Transcend Association
Volume: 11
Issue: 5
Pages: 13681 - 13694
The theory of chemical reaction networks is a branch of mathematics that aims to mimic real-world behavior. This research area has drawn many researchers' attention, primarily due to its biological and empirical chemistry applications. The fascinating problems that emerge from the mathematical structures involved have kindled the interest of pure mathematicians. In this paper, we estimate a few topological indices such as SK index, SK1 index, SK2 index, Modified Randić index, and Inverse Sum Index for the Graphene structure based on the neighborhood degree and obtain results based on both sum and products of the cardinality of edge partitions corresponding to 4 different Graphene structures. We also present the 3D representations of the indices using MATLAB. © 2021 by the authors.
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JournalBiointerface Research in Applied Chemistry
PublisherAMG Transcend Association