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Neutrosophic Duplets of {Zpn,×} and {Zpq,×} and Their Properties
Published in MDPI AG
Volume: 10
Issue: 8
The notions of neutrosophy, neutrosophic algebraic structures, neutrosophic duplet and neutrosophic triplet were introduced by Florentin Smarandache. In this paper, the neutrosophic duplets of Z p n , Z p q and Z p 1 p 2 … p n are studied. In the case of Z p n and Z p q , the complete characterization of neutrosophic duplets are given. In the case of Z p 1 … p n , only the neutrosophic duplets associated with p i s are provided; i = 1 , 2 , … , n . Some open problems related to neutrosophic duplets are proposed.
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PublisherMDPI AG
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