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Neutrosophic Triplets in Neutrosophic Rings
Published in MDPI AG
Volume: 7
Issue: 6
The neutrosophic triplets in neutrosophic rings ⟨ Q ∪ I ⟩ and ⟨ R ∪ I ⟩ are investigated in this paper. However, non-trivial neutrosophic triplets are not found in ⟨ Z ∪ I ⟩ . In the neutrosophic ring of integers Z ∖ { 0 , 1 } , no element has inverse in Z. It is proved that these rings can contain only three types of neutrosophic triplets, these collections are distinct, and these collections form a torsion free abelian group as triplets under component wise product. However, these collections are not even closed under component wise addition.
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PublisherMDPI AG
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