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Normalising Non-binary: A Resistance to Gender Stereotypes

, Sufina K
Published in The Asiatic Society, Kolkata
Volume: 62
Issue: 2
Pages: 45 - 50

Social standards, boxes, and stereotypes set to human behaviour always lead to turmoil. Accumulated ideologies have conditioned human minds to feel a certain way about gender, sexuality and gender roles which leads to a reluctance in accepting non-binary in gender and sexual orientation. The article aims to understand the historical significance of these stereotypes in India and it explores the reasons behind the society being shaped in a particular way and why it has to move in the direction of an envisioned Utopia rather than seeking a dystopic routine in terms of gender and sexual roles.

About the journal
JournalJournal of the Asiatic Society
PublisherThe Asiatic Society, Kolkata
Open AccessNo