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Novel localization of sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks using co-ordinate signal strength database
, V.R. Uthariaraj
Published in
Volume: 30
Pages: 662 - 668
The objective of the proposed system is to remove the dependency of radio irregularity problem in localization of static nodes in wireless sensor networks. Most of the existing range free localization algorithms are mainly suffered by the radio irregularity problem. The value of the degree of irregularity always affects the accuracy of the localization performance. The idea of this work is to calculate the location of sensor nodes using co-ordinate signal strength database. In wireless sensor networks, each flying anchor node will be equipped with a GPS receiver. The flying node calculates its position, which is transmitted as a beacon message to the sensor nodes. Upon reception of the beacon messages, each static node calculates its location using the 'Sensor Position based on Co-ordinate Signal Strength Database' (SP-CSSD) algorithm. The proposed idea increases the accuracy of the localization algorithm with minimal computational overhead and computational time.
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