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Novel steam powered gravity assisted standalone power system (SP-GA-SP system) design for remote wireless sensor networks
, V.R. Uthariaraj, V.R.E. Christo
Published in
Volume: 440
Pages: 248 - 253
Uninterrupted power supply through electrical grid is not possible for many remote areas like dense forest, hill areas, and deserts. The objective of the proposed work is to generate stand alone electricity using steam powered gravity assisted SP system for remote WSN applications. The proposed design drives the generator by triggering gravity force using steam powered cylinders with high thermal efficiency. The proposed SP system is used to recharge the battery systems of UAVs in remote sites thereby the UAVs are further used to recharge the remote wireless sensor nodes using laser beam transmissions. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.
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JournalApplied Mechanics and Materials