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Ocean Surface Cleaning Autonomous Robot (OSCAR) using Object Classification Technique and Path Planning Algorithm

, JK Adarsh, OS Anush, R Shrivarshan, S Mithulesh Krishnaan, JK Akash, S Angalaeswari
Published in IOP Publishing Ltd

Increasing water pollution is one of the biggest concerns in today’s world. It leads to a variety of problems including an increase in the level of toxic concentration in the water. This paper aims to introduce a concept of an ocean/water body cleaning robot that attempts to classify the wastes using a camera with a custom machine learning model and segregate accordingly using separators while collecting them on the basket attached, that can be recycled on the base station. The robot can be deployed on any water surface thus making it more effective than a largescale ocean pollution cleaning technique. It can be used to clean up oil spills from shipwreck and pipeline leakage and can monitor the water quality of the particular location and send a distress signal to the base station if the readings are abnormal. The water quality data and the information about the type of pollutants from the machine learning model can be used to formulate local laws to reduce pollution and create awareness about the type of material that ends up at the ocean/water body.

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JournalData powered by TypesetJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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