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Oil Cakes: Non-Conventional, Effective and Low-Cost Adsorbents for Removal of Acid Dyes from Aqueous Solution
Pandey N, Somi Ali, ,
Published in Asian Journal of Chemistry
Volume: 28
Issue: 5
Pages: 1087 - 1096

In this study, the adsorption of Acid Red 114 and Acid Black 24 onto sesame oil cake, neem oil cake and groundnut oil cake has been investigated in aqueous solution. Surface study of the adsorbents was investigated using Fourier transform infrared spectra. The effect of operational parameters such as adsorbent dosage, dye concentration and pH on dye removal was evaluated. The intra-particle diffusion model, the pseudo-first order and the pseudo-second order were used to describe the kinetics data. Equilibrium isotherms were analyzed using Langmuir, Freundlich and Temkin adsorption models. The experimental data fitted well to the pseudo-second order kinetics model for dyes. The results indicated that isotherm data followed Langmuir isotherm. Dye desorption studies in aqueous solution at pH 7 showed that acetone is favourable for desorption. It can be concluded that oil cakes could be effectively employed as an effective biosorbent for the removal of dyes.

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JournalAsian Journal of Chemistry
PublisherAsian Journal of Chemistry
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