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On some non-linear contractions in modular metric spaces
S. Karmakar, L.K. Dey, , Z.D. Mitrović
Published in University of Nis
Volume: 34
Issue: 12
Pages: 3971 - 3980
Motivated by the exciting notion of modular metric spaces, in this manuscript, we positively answer an open question posed by Mitrović et al. [Ital. J. Pure Appl. Math., 41 (2019), 679-690] on the existence of fixed points of Hardy-Rogers contractions. Moreover, in the said setting, we conceive the common fixed point theorem of Jungck. As consequences of our findings, we deduce a few fixed point and common fixed point results which authenticate the novelty of the obtained theories. Finally, we construct numerical examples to validate our study. © 2020, University of Nis. All rights reserved.
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PublisherUniversity of Nis