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Optimal design, control and implementation of multi-drones for commercial utility
, , , A. Bajiya, Y. Tilak, V. Subramaniyaswamy
Published in Emerald Group Holdings Ltd.
Purpose: This proposed drone is used for surveillance purpose like medical, agriculture and military in the commercial point of view with less cost and size. Design/methodology/approach: During emergency calls out the technology enabled modes to have quick and timely response for the mankind. As human society continues to spend months together locked inside their homes, it leads to the entire change in the human lifestyle. This also demands the society and the government to get adopt with the technological concepts such as drones to handle this pandemic scenario in a more scientific and safe mode. The major constraints in the utility segment is the cost and performance factor of the drones. This paper aims to design a drone flight management system, which can be used to operate single or multiple drone systems in a wireless mode. The major focus of this work is to minimize the cost of drone flying systems so that it can be accessible to a more massive crowd. The technological design behind the drone has been discussed in detail with mathematical equations. Also the control aspect has been presented in this work. For comparative analysis three drone have been designed and their performance have been compared. Findings: The multi drone is designed, modelling is done and implemented in simulation and hardware. Its having less weight and cost compared to existing drone models. Originality/value: 75% original, 25% of the basic clarifications are taken from existing works. © 2020, Emerald Publishing Limited.
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JournalInternational Journal of Intelligent Unmanned Systems
PublisherEmerald Group Holdings Ltd.